In art the question of the double is present, we learn a lot by copying. Copy the masters and learn about composition and the art of colours. In 2006 when I was still a student, I also studied the absurdity in art and it made me laugh a lot. Idiocy. I then wanted to learn by copying, but copying things that are not normally copied. I decided to copy an art magazine. This magazine is translated, every article is in French and English, and it made me laugh even more to copy the same things twice.

I also really liked to look at drawing as a trace. Chosen trace, or incongruous trace. So I decided to redraw the fortuitous traces left by my artist friends on the floor of our shared studio. Redraw 3 square meters of traces on the ground.

I made a small series of desktop wallpaper drawings. With the icons of the files. Then in the exhibition, I put the image back in the background on a computer. Visitors initially did not understand what they were seeing, a computer lit on a pedestal. OK. Then as they approached they saw the drawing, the copy. They were amazed, it created a small gap in their perception of reality.